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My namename is Michelle Tacdol and I’m a designer, maker & multi-creative based in South East London.


N A M E N A M E is a pod full of my varied expertise, specialising in gifts & textiles combining embroidery and unused material.

I’ve worked in retail my whole life, always in the art & design or gifts & accessories industry. I studied architecture, jewellery & silversmithing and dove straight into bespoke textiles & embroidery customisation. Speeding through redesigning two homes and a restaurant, I’ve worked for my fiancé’s company as their jeweller, engraver and buyer.

Heart-Shatteringly!... My parents passed away 5 years apart from each other in recent years and couldn’t bear throwing away their clothes. They migrated to the UK from The Philippines in the 70’s, worked tirelessly hard, partied well and dressed fabulously for decades. I wear a lot of their clothes but have masses of unused material, plus my own!

I customise and personalise existing garments or repurpose and upcycle unused material into unique pieces. To revitalise existing material, I encourage you to dig out unwanted clothes or sentimental textiles hidden away and get in touch. 


MASSIVE shout out to U-Build | We designed and built our dream garden pod as soon as discovering them.

Photography by Jim Stephenson